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Elisa Sobolik

Always Be Kind (Hardcover)

Always Be Kind (Hardcover)

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Always Be Kind is a heart-warming story about kindness.  The book's inspiration came from the author's oldest daughter, a tender-hearted kindergartener who witnessed a classmate getting sick and noticed the humble, selfless individual who cleaned up the mess without acknowledgement.  The two of them decided to express thanks to the individual through a simple act of kindness and the idea to share this story in a book was born.

Written by Elisa Sobolik and beautifully illustrated by Megan Shumway, Always Be Kind is a story about what one simple, seemingly inconsequential act of kindness can do to encourage someone else or even change their outlook on life.  This book will inspire children to think of others, summon their courage, and take the first step toward spreading kindness.

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